You can tweet, but you can’t hide

A YouTube video claiming to be from hacker collective Anonymous has turned its turrets of ‘justice’ toward Elon Musk. The video has condemned his bombastic Bitcoin tweets as having “destroyed lives” of hardworking people who’ve had “their dreams liquidated over your public temper tantrums.”

In their video, the cyber attack group also labels Musk as “nothing more than another narcissistic rich dude who is desperate for attention.” Anonymous have denied responsibility, blaming a splinter group, though they’re anonymous, so they would.

They also point to Musk’s hypocritical tendencies, stating:

“It appears that your quest to save the world is rooted in a superiority and savior complex rather than it is an actual concern for humanity. This has been obvious to your employees for a long time, who have faced intolerable conditions under your command for years.

“It is also obvious to the young children working in your overseas lithium mines which are destroying the local environment as well.”

After the nearly four-minute long exposé on Musk, it isn’t clear what the group’s next move is, but the clip ends with their signature sign-off. “You may think you are the smartest person in the room, but now you have met your match. We are Anonymous! We are Legion! Expect us.”

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