Crypto events to watch out for in December

There are only a handful of weeks left in 2019. The end of a decade, and the time for holiday parties. Fear not for your crypto calendar though – we’ve rounded up the last few events available from every corner of the globe (or something close enough to that). No matter your schedule or your budget, you can find a way to get involved. Find one that works for you and join the evolution!

OfferZen MERGE Conference

Where: Johannesburg, South Africa

When: 3 December

Why you should attend: An exciting opportunity to connect and merge! Learn from leaders, both local and international, about how to build great software and thriving teams. Don’t miss our Luno stand while you’re there.

Who it’s for: Developers, and designers

Cost: R1,000-1,500

Register here

Symposium on Blockchain for Robotics and AI Systems

Where: Cambridge, United States

When: 4 December

Why you should attend: An open conversation on the possibilities and limitations of combining state-of-the art robotics and AI systems with blockchain technology to make operations more secure, autonomous, flexible, and even profitable. If you’re interested in the real-world applications of blockchain this event is for you.

Who it’s for: Blockchain enthusiasts

Cost: $25-250 USD

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Blockchain In Oil & Gas Australia

Where: Perth, Australia

When: 5 December

Why you should attend: An opportunity to join together with other Oil & Gas executives down under to discuss and strategise how to develop and implement blockchain technologies. This will help you leverage information to increase operational efficiencies.

Who it’s for: Industry leaders

Cost: 395-2,195 AU

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Serbian Blockchain Summit 2.0

Where: Belgrade, Serbia

When: 7 December

Why you should attend: Get the latest on blockchain solutions and projects from leaders during panel discussions. There’s also a chance for hands-on workshops where programmers can learn on how to work on several different blockchain platforms from basics to advanced.

Who it’s for: Blockchain developers and enthusiasts

Cost: 10-150 EUR

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ELEV8 Las Vegas

Where: Las Vegas, United States

When: 8-11 December

Why you should attend: If you’re ready to connect with leaders, innovators, investors, and digital asset and blockchain strategists to help transform your business this event is for you. Join major organisations exploring the possibilities the technology offers.

Who it’s for: Blockchain Startups

Cost: $492.25-895

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4th Annual Blockchain Opportunity Summit 2019

Where: New York, United States

When: 10 December

Why you should attend: Blockchain professionals and innovators will be exploring the latest trends and critical topics. An excellent networking opportunity for business owners.

Who it’s for: Everyone

Cost: $595-1,395

Register here

LABITCONF 2019 | Uruguay

Where: Montevideo, Uruguay

When: 12-13 December

Why you should attend: Hear thought leaders like Andreas M. Antonopoulos and Jimmy Song alongside CEOs Adam Back of Blockstream, and David Chaum of Elixxir discussing the developments that will be rock the industry in the coming year.

Who it’s for: Everyone

Cost: $220-1,000 USD

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