Once a Bitcoin skeptic not always a Bitcoin skeptic

  • Soros Fund Management Company, the private investment firm founded by billionaire investor George Soros, has revealed the family office owns “some [bitcoins] … but not a lot.”
  • Dawn Fitzpatrick, CEO and chief investment officer of Soros Fund Management added, “I’m not sure bitcoin is only viewed as an inflation hedge here. I think it’s crossed the chasm to mainstream.”
  • In March this year, Fitzpatrick acknowledged that her firm had made crypto “investments,” though she remained vague about the details of the investment.
  • “When it comes to crypto in general, I think we are at an important moment in time,” said Fitzpatrick. “Something like Bitcoin could have remained a static asset, but the fact that in the last 12 months we have increased the money supply by 25%, there is a real fear of currency devaluation.”

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