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Deep dives into the latest updates and thinking around the technology that makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work

Multisig and monosig: a quick rundown

When you send bitcoin, you aren’t really moving it between addresses. The bitcoin is essentially stored in a digital vault where it stays regardless of the owner. When you send bitcoin, what you’re actually doing is changing the locks to fit the recipient(s)’s key rather than your own.

· 2 minute read

Everything you need to know about the Bitcoin Standard

El Salvador recently became the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. In doing so, it effectively became a guinea pig for Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision – and made them a lot of friends in the Bitcoin community in the process.

· 3 minute read

What is a consensus mechanism?

A closer look at the most popular consensus mechanisms and how they work to ensure public blockchains operate transparently and independent of any single authority.

· 6 minute read

Luno’s view on forks

Uncover how and why blockchain forks occur, what they mean for the crypto community, and how Luno approaches their integration into the Luno platform.

· 3 minute read

Understanding Ethereum fees: How gas works

Ethereum transaction fees hit another all-time high (ATH) this week, with miners earning a record $500,000 in fees in a single hour. To better understand this, let’s break down how Ethereum transaction fees (or gas) work.

6 minute read

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) in a Nutshell

Imagine being able to bypass traditional financial institutions for things like loans, savings and insurance? Imagine no more–DeFi is here, and it’s changing the way we think about crypto and their use cases.

· 6 minute read

The CBDC race: Can the US take the lead?

Fed president, Jerome Powell confirmed in February 2020 that they’re “working hard on it [CBDC]” but recent reports claim the US is lagging behind. So who’s poised to win the great central bank digital currency race?

· 3 minute read

Ethereum’s 5th birthday – charting its journey so far

Five years ago, “Don the Dog” caused chaos when he drove a tractor on a motorway in Scotland. It was a simpler time. Elsewhere in the world, a group of very smart people were on the verge of releasing a new platform that set out to transform the world as we know it – Ethereum.

· 7 minute read